may your steak be Done well, not WELL DONE

may your steak be Done well

About Us

PRIME is proudly to be the first boutique steakhouse in Ho Chi Minh City, that is sure to impress even the most discerning palate with our specialty on dry-aged beef. Dry-aging is a time-honored process that results in steaks are more flavorful, tender and juicy. PRIME only uses the finest cuts of beef, which are aged from 45 days to 100 days in a controlled environment to break down the natural enzymes in the meats, creating a more superior taste.

With an ambition to become a popular boutique steakhouse not only in Vietnam but South East Asia, PRIME only serves and grill premium dry-aged beef into perfection. At PRIME, you can experience the elegance, comfort and exclusivity that we have expressed in every decorated corner of our restaurant.
May your steak be done well, not well done!



Prime Steak Boutique & Chill is the very first boutique steakhouse in the heart of Saigon, led by our talented chef – Khai Vu. With all his dedication to the industry, Chef Khai Vu has been honored by many prestigious magazines, including Desert Companion, Eater, James Beard, etc. Over 25 years of living and working at multiple famous Las Vegas restaurants has sharpened his skills and nurtured his huge passion for steak, especially dry-aged steak.

“I want to approach PRIME as a warm welcome experience and serve my unique delicacy in every diner’s bite” – said Chef Khai Vu PRIME. Visit the restaurant, customers can enjoy not just any delicious dish by chef Khai Vu but also the wonderful culinary journey that he has collected throughout his career.

The globalized culinary experience at its finesse

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